The 2017 LWR Christmas Matching Gift Challenge!

Great news! There's still time to DOUBLE your Christmas gift to families in need during the LWR Christmas Matching Gift challenge because we've received an additional $178,700!
That means that when you give a gift before December 31, a group of Lutheran World Relief supporters will match that gift – up to $357,200!

Double your gift today!

Your gifts transform the lives of people like Sangita Devi. She and her family live in the isolated, rural region of Bihar India, where some of the world’s poorest people struggle to make a living. They face huge obstacles – due to both dry, rocky growing conditions and because of prejudice. Sangita’s family belongs to a group known as Dalits, a segment of society formerly known as “untouchables.” Dalits face marginalization at every turn and struggle to make a good living.

Sangita has four children, and her family barely has enough to eat. She and her husband work as day laborers and are paid in rice. To try to make ends meet, Sangita also makes and sells rice puffs. They are able to grow a few vegetables in their home garden, but it’s not enough to hold off hunger. These caring parents feed their children first – Sangita and her husband only eat if there is food left over. That means sometimes they simply go without.

But gifts from generous people like you are changing things for them!

Through those gifts, Sangita is learning how better plant and fertilize crops to transform her barren land into a fertile farm plot. She hopes to soon grow enough food to feed her family AND sell some to provide for their other needs. She also dreams of one day harvesting enough so no one in her family goes to bed hungry — and she doesn’t have to depend on the meager rice wages from day labor.

Effective local skills training can transform families like Sangita’s from survival to stability. Your gift – which will DOUBLE in value today – can make that possible and make Sangita’s dreams for her family come true.

Give today!