Thrivent Members: DOUBLE your support to LWR on August 16!

On August 16, Thrivent Financial invited YOU to live twice as generously on behalf of people living in poverty around the world.
During this special, one-day only opportunity, Thrivent doubled Thrivent Choice® directions and personal donations to Lutheran World Relief made on, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!

And thanks to your generosity, we met and exceeded our match, raising a total of more than $34,000 to helkp families in need around the world.

That makes a world of difference in places like ...

  •  India, where women farmers are learning to grow high-value vegetables that help support their families
  • El Salvador, where coffee farmers are working to grow better quality coffee that creates sustainable coffee livelihoods
  • Kenya, where families are benefitting from the gift of water for irrigation systems that allow them to grow nutritious food to eat and sell

Ndavi Sevu Thanks to LWR’s WATER (Watershed Approach to Enhance Resilience) program, Ndavi Sevu is
Thanks to LWR’s WATER (Watershed Approach to Enhance Resilience) program, Ndavi Sevu is able to irrigate his family’s fields in the arid region of Makueni County, Kenya. (Photo by Jake Lyell, for LWR)

This was a special, one-day matching opportunity, however, Thrivent Members are always invited to make an impact by directing Choice Dollars to LWR. Here's how:

  1. Log in to the Thrivent website to see if you have Choice Dollars to direct. If you'd like to check your Choice Dollars by phone, dial 800-847-4836 and follow the prompts to direct Choice Dollars and/or speak with a Thrivent representative.
  2. If you have Thrivent Choice Dollars to direct, select Lutheran World Relief as the recipient.


THANK YOU for taking part in this special opportunity on August 16 to double the impact of your support to LWR – helping families around the world grow food, earn income and build better futures!

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