Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts That Make a Lasting Impact

Don't panic but...Mother's Day is this Sunday (yes, this Sunday!), May 8.
If you're still looking for a gift, don't worry...there's still time to get meaningful gifts that show all the moms in your life how thankful you are for their love, care and support.

In the spirit of the holiday, here are three gifts you can choose (and that you can have by Mother's Day) that show just how much a mother's love, support and care mean to you.

For Quilting/Kit-Making Moms

Peggy Sadler, a quilter from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Hanover, NH, lays out a quilt.
Peggy Sadler, a quilter from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Hanover, NH, lays out a quilt.

Does your mom belong to a quilting group? Does she passionately collect items to assemble LWR Kits? If she does, it's very important to her that the gifts she helps create reach the people who need them. Give a gift to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund and let your mom know you appreciate the work she does to provide tangible symbols of God's love for people around the world.

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For Coffee & Chocolate Connisseur Moms

(Photo courtesy of Equal Exchange)

Maybe the moms in your life love a great cup of coffee or a quality bar of chocolate. Whether they take their coffee black or with cream, or love dark or milk chocolate a gift from the LWR Fair Trade will taste even better because it has a secret ingredient - social justice! When you purchase LWR Fair Trade, small-scale farmers receive a fair price for their crops, and their communities benefit from social premiums that they can use to build roads, wells, schools and more.

Give the gift of sustainable income this Mother's Day - give LWR Fair Trade!

TIP: To make sure your mom gets her LWR Fair Trade gift in time, give an e-gift card! To do that, select "gifts & more" on the main menu and scroll to "Gift cards." Then simply choose an amount, write a greeting, and you're done! Mom will receive a gift card she can use to choose whatever Fair Trade delights she loves.


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For All-Around Rockstar Moms

strong woman cropped

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LWR Gifts offers a wide variety of selections for any mom, with nearly any interest. Know an animal lover mom? Consider a gift of an LWR Goat that helps women farmers in West Africa earn income in the face of drought. Is your mom a gardener? Consider an LWR Coffee Tree Seedling that provides a sustainable source of income to farmers around the world. Or maybe you know a mom who is an eternal "kid-person." The gift of LWR Playground Toys and School Supplies reach children around the world, helping them to learn and grow in the face of poverty.


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TIP: To ensure she receives her life-changing LWR Gift in time for Mother's Day, you can choose to print or email a card with each order.

Happy Mother's Day!

From the entire staff of Lutheran World Relief, Happy Mother's Day! We pray the day is filled with family, love and joy.