Celebrating 20 Years of LWR Fair Trade

You have probably heard how you can unwrap a better life through LWR Gifts, but have you heard of LWR Gifs?
Here are a few reasons why we think giving good is giving better!

The Power of Goats

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Goats are well known for their balance, and even are known to climb trees! [source] In parts of the world where food supply is precarious, a hearty goat can survive, giving milk that nourishes and sells. Feed a family in Latin America, Africa or Asia with the gift of a Goat — not just for one day, but for a lifetime.

For the love of chickens

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Despite their adorable huggability, a farm hen and chicks means eggs to eat, eggs to sell and chicks to grow a flock. Empower one woman and give the gift that keeps on giving… independence, sustainability and success.

Aww, piglet

baby pig getting tickled

Little pigs grow into big pigs fast. With only a small investment, a woman in Nepal can raise piglets into hogs and support her family with the income. Give the gift of a Piglet today and a woman in need will earn a good price when her little piggy goes to market.

Swing away

Donkeys don't just lounge around. They can help women in developing countries cover more ground, quicker. Women are a critical part of the economic fabric in their communities – but they often have many duties and only 24 hours in a day! Help women in Burkina Faso increase their productivity with a Donkey and Cart.