From Scarcity to Abundance: A Lenten Reflection

    Lent is sometimes thought of as a journey—a spiritual journey. During this Lenten season, we focus on the journey that Jesus took for us that led him to the cross. The goal of our journey is to lead us to a deeper level of faith in Christ and of love to our neighbors.
    For many of our global neighbors, their daily journey is in search of clean water and nutritious food. Regina Mwendwa lives in Kenya in one of the driest areas. Lutheran World Relief’s Watershed Approach to Enhanced Resilience (WATER) project is helping smallholder Farmers like Regina to transform their lives through increased water resources. WATER focuses on building sand dams, planting trees in the catchment areas, drilling of boreholes and using solar energy powered pumps to provide water for drinking and irrigation. Regina and her neighbors now grow enough food for a balanced diet for their families. Their lives are transformed from one of scarcity to abundance.

    Take a moment to see that abundance for yourself in this short video, featuring Regina.

    Video by Jake Lyell for LWR

    Regina’s story reminds us of God’s abundant generosity. Whether it comes to us through our daily bread of water and nutritious food, or through the gift of faith, we are blessed to have a God who transforms scarcity into abundance. God transforms our gifts into an abundance so that people like Regina and her family can live with justice, dignity and peace.

    Lent is an opportunity to reflect upon God’s goodness and unconditional love to us and all people. It’s also a time to ask for forgiveness when we’ve focused on our own scarcity rather than abundance, and to renew our commitment to living lives of generosity, so that people like Regina and her family may simply live.

    What will you do this year to mark your Lenten journey? What change is God calling you to make? You can make a difference in the lives of people like Regina to make their daily journey for water and food one of abundance rather than scarcity through your financial support of LWR. Thank you for what you have done and thank you for what you will do.  Have a blessed Lenten journey.