New book answers questions about God, supports LWR work to fight poverty

 “Questions Kids Ask About God,” is a book inspired by the questions the kids at Peace Lutheran Church in New Lenox, Illinois, are asking.It is now a hardback children’s book, with a portion of sales proceeds donated to Lutheran World Relief. To learn more about this book and its companion resources, visit the QKA Publishing website.
To accurately convey why the very premise of this book excites me, I have to tell you a story.

I’ve always enjoyed helping out with Sunday School in my congregation. As a class helper, usually my duties include picking up loose crayons and hushing chatty children.

But one day, while in a class of third graders, a boy raised his hand and asked a very important question. “I understand that God made us, but who made God?”

I looked at the teacher. The teacher looked at me. We were both thinking the same thing. How do we answer this question?

Thankfully that day God stepped in quickly. Our pastor poked his head in to say hello and we happily passed the question on to him, and he turned it all into a wonderful teaching moment.

That day affirmed for me that kids are, in fact, on their own faith journeys and that they will have questions – and it’s important to answer them!

The "Questions Kids Ask" Box

The congregation at Peace Lutheran Church, in New Lenox, Illinois, recognized the same thing. The church keeps a children’s question box (pictured above) where kids can write down any questions they have.

Their pastor, Dave Hedlin says, “Kids are not afraid to ask some of the questions even adults wonder about. During church services, we have a special time when I answer ‘Questions Kids Ask.’”

After seeing how much the children enjoyed getting their questions answered, Eric Sperstad, a creative church member, suggested they compile the questions and write a book. It was quite a collaborative effort. The questions came from the kids, the theological basis for the answers came from Pastor Dave, three local high school students created the illustrations, all the legwork was done by a church committee.

“We knew we didn’t want to do this book as a fundraiser for the church though,” Eric notes. “Eventually we decided to support two causes: Lutheran World Relief and Feed My Starving Children.”

"How Old is God?" (And other questions...)

Questions Kids Ask About God is available on the QKA Publishing website. You can learn more by clicking this image. A portion of sales proceeds support the work of Lutheran World Relief.
Questions Kids Ask About God is available on the QKA Publishing website. You can learn more by clicking this image. A portion of sales proceeds support the work of Lutheran World Relief.

The book covers many different kinds of questions – from “What is the Bible?” to “How old is God?” Each question has a child friendly answer and a vibrant illustration. Bible references are also included to help connect kids’ questions to God’s word.

They started selling the book at their own church and throughout the New Lenox community.  Then, through churches, schools, grandparents, book fairs, farmers’ markets, pastors, senior centers, women’s events, synod assemblies, libraries, bookstores and more, this ministry has caught on and just keeps spreading.

Now the book is on its third printing. So far they’ve sold 2,300 books in all 50 states and several foreign countries. They have donated $4,000, including $2,000 to Lutheran World Relief. There is a companion coloring book that is fun for kids to use alongside the hardcover book.  It is also great for Sunday School classes or in church busy bags. The hardcover book sells for $14. The coloring books cost $1 each.

What started out as a fun way to help kids on their faith journey has grown into much, much more. Now parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers and others have an invaluable resource to answer kids’ questions, and a unique way to share their faith. By purchasing this resource, they are also helping support ministries like Lutheran World Relief.

“This is only the beginning,” Dave says. “I hope this book gives families an opportunity to talk about God, explore the Bible, become closer to Jesus – and ask more questions!”

Questions Kids Ask About God would make a great addition to any Sunday School library and the companion coloring book to any congregation's "busy bags." To learn more about the book, visit the QKA Publishing website