One Year Later: Typhoon Haiyan in Pictures

November 8 marks the one-year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The storm was one of the strongest to make landfall in recorded history. 16 million people were affected, 4 million people were displaced and 6,300 people died because of the storm.
In response, Lutheran World Relief raised $9.7 million to meet the immediate relief and long-term recovery needs of affected populations. LWR is implementing a 2.5 year program that will support over 160,000 of the most vulnerable people affected by the typhoon. To date, LWR has reached nearly 149,000 people, or 69 percent of people targeted by LWR’s response.

Here is a slideshow that shows what LWR has been doing over the past year:

The First Year – LWR’s Response

During the past twelve months, LWR has been implementing projects in six sectors:

  1. Shelter,
  2. Cash Transfers through Cash-for-Work,
  3. Non-Food Items and Material Resources,
  4. Quality & Accountability,
  5. Early Recovery and Livelihood Rehabilitation, and
  6. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

These project areas were informed by needs assessments, coordination with other humanitarian actors and input from local partners, local government officials and affected populations.

In the next week, LWR will release a full report on our work over the past 12 months. We will update this blog post when new information is available.

Thank You

Thank you for all the wonderful support you've provided over the past year! Your gifts of time, money, and Quilts & Kits make a huge difference in the lives of the 149,000 people we've reached so far.