The Ties that Bind

I grew up in northern Michigan and, in typical Michigander fashion, each summer my father and I took a fishing trip to Canada. To my ten-year-old self, this was a place of mysterious wonder and uncharted territory. It was here that I learned a young fisherman’s rite of passage: tying the knot that connects the hook onto the fishing line (or, the “fisherman’s knot”).
I still remember the days when my patient father attempted to teach me this knot, my uncoordinated and little hands twisting and fumbling, my eyes straining to find the loop in the nearly invisible fishing line. But year after year, I got better. My knots got stronger and more secure — as did my relationship with my dad.

Jean Price and Jackie Miller, the co-chairs of the Dorcas Quilting Group at Emmanuel Lutheran in Venice, Fla., have forged a similar bond by tying a different kind of knot — the knots that bind an LWR Quilt.

“The quilts touch many lives and show that somebody cares about them.  The knots in the quilts tie us all together," says Jean.

Quilts have knots that bind the separate pieces of fabric together. Through their work, LWR Quilters often find a much deeper tie in their connection to the recipients. Their lives become intertwined in and bound to this gift of love in a time of desperate need.

group of women
The Dorcas Quilting group at Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Jean, Jackie and over 50 other quilters who regularly contribute made an astonishing 755 quilts this year. Each Monday, during the “snowbird” season from October to April, this group of ladies meets and takes up nearly four Sunday school rooms.

Jean and Jackie have been leading this group for over 11 years, and they recognize their work is part of a larger calling to put their faith into action.

"Receiving a warm quilt or a kit means comfort and dignity.” Jean says. “It is a tangible example of our hands, but God’s work.”