Finding #LutheranWorldRelief

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit overwhelmed by social media.
I have a Facebook account, a Twitter handle. I belong to LinkedIn, Klout and Pinterest. And keeping up with those accounts (even with their connectivity features) is quite taxing.

But even still, I love Instagram.

I originally joined to check out the mobile app because my teenage daughter uses it. But I find it a fun way to create and share images. Like this one.

Erik Sarah IG photo

As with most of my pictures, there’s a (brief) story behind this one. In the picture is Erik, our Electronic Media Manager and Sarah, our Program Assistant for Marketing and Creative Services. One day they were setting up to make a recording in a conference room and as I passed by I thought the scene would make a nice black and white photo, so I snapped a picture and posted to my Instagram account with the hashtag #LutheranWorldRelief. Curious if anyone else was doing this, I clicked the hashtag and found out that, yes, some of you are!

So I’d like to shout out two people I’ve met recently who shared their love of LWR through Instagram!

Lynda of Bellevue, NE

IG Fair Trade Coffee pic

Lynda originally hails from Lincoln, NE. where she said she grew up hearing about LWR as a child. Now, as an adult, one way she puts her faith into action is by buying Fair Trade items, like this canister of coffee she was excited to find at the Books, Beans, and Bull store in Bellevue, NE.

Caitlyn from Aurora, CO

FF-C. Feakes-Quilting

Caitlyn is a member at Bethel Lutheran Church from Aurora, CO and posted this picture of their beautiful Quilts! She shares that the congregation is working toward a goal of 50 Quilts. Thank you for sharing your work!

Do you use Instagram? If you do, please share your Quilt, Kit and Fair Trade photos with us by tagging #LutheranWorldRelief. We love to see how you’re putting your faith into action!