Father Tarimo says "Thank You" for Mission Quilts

On a recent visit to Dodoma, Tanzania, some of our U.S.-based staff got to visit the Mlali Children's Rehabilitation Center. Father Sergi Tarimo was happy to greet them and all the the people who have so generously made and donated Mission Quilts and Personal Care Kits.
He and the children wanted to take a moment to thank you all.


On behalf of the children who are staying here at the Mlali Children's Rehabilitation Center, in Dodoma, Tanzania, may I take this opportunity just to express to you and to all the donors our sincere gratitude for all the donations that you are making regularly to our center.

We get a lot of these warm bed covers, and they are really really useful for these children, as this place is actually quite cold, in this place. Especially May, June and July this place is very cold. So we are really grateful because the materials that we are getting, they are not as warm and as good as these bed covers. Also, the toothpaste that we get from you, the towels, the toothbrush, the nail cutters.

So we are really happy that you have come to visit us, because every time they were asking, "Where do these materials come from?" And then I say, "They come from people who love you!"

So we are grateful and we ask you to continue supporting our center. Thank you very much, mama.