Campers Can Quilt, Too

This summer, church basements and fellowship halls are not the only places where Lutherans are taking up LWR’s Quilt Campaign challenge. They’re also pitching in near lakes and on the hiking trail.
Up to 48% of Lutheran youth say that they have attended a church summer camp, an important place for faith formation. This year many of those camps will be participating in the Quilt Campaign.

Two of these camps are already hard at work, preparing for the summer: Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM) in Ashland, Neb., and Lutherhill Ministries in La Grange, Tex. Heather Abbott from NLOM and Geoff Roach from Lutherhill told us about preparing a summer of quilting.

For both of these camps, taking part in the 2013 Quilt Campaign is…


Roach: “This summer’s theme, ‘Embraced and Graced,’ focuses on God’s warmth in our lives. Making Mission Quilts fits perfectly and provides campers a wonderful image of how God provides warmth in our lives and the lives of others who need that warmth.”

Abbott: “It’s the 25th anniversary of our Quilt Auction and we will celebrate by providing quilts for others around the world.”


Roach: “This project will allow us to reach out to local quilting groups in congregations, getting involved with the campers in a new way and passing on skills.”

Abbott: “We are excited to bring different generations together for a common goal of making quilts to spread God’s love.”


Roach: “The most important aspect in preparing for 120-plus campers per week to all take part in this quilting project has been planning what campers of different ages and ability levels can be challenged with.”

Abbott: “We have needed to educate and build healthy relationships with outside groups for support. Once people know and understand what we are trying to do, they are just as passionate about it as we are.”


Roach: “Partnering with Lutheran World Relief this summer allows campers at Lutherhill to join the larger church body and spread the love of Christ to all parts of the world.”

Abbott: “This project will enable us to bring multiple generations together to learn about quilting, which is an integral part of who we are at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.”

How will you engage youth coming to your camp in service?