LWR has a secret admirer

“You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea.” ~Medgar W. Evers

We will probably never know the name of the kind soul in Alabama who nominated Lutheran World Relief for the Medgar W. Evers Award for contributions to Religion and Education. The award recipient is chosen by the Walker County Honorary Committee each year by anonymous nomination and is awarded to a person or organization that makes significant contributions to humanity and the betterment of community.

Notice of the award came as a pleasant surprise by way of the Rev. David Lewis, chair of the committee, who also traveled to Baltimore to personally deliver it.

To whoever nominated us, thank you!

Because here’s what we do know: Medgar W. Evers, like Lutheran World Relief, envisioned a world of justice, dignity and peace. He was slain in pursuit of that vision but that vision lives on, not only in the hearts and minds of people in Walker, Alabama but around the world. To have your work carry on past your physical presence is a thing that LWR strives for with all its projects and partners.

But beyond that, we at LWR believe in every human’s God-given dignity. We believe that, as God’s people, we are all inheritors of the lasting promise sent down through Jesus Christ. We believe we are called to speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. And we believe in walking and working with partners and communities to unearth the root causes of poverty, injustice and human suffering and work toward real solutions.

We are honored to be a part of the legacy of Medgar Evers, of Walker, Alabama and we are inspired and humbled by this award.