Leveraging Piece by Piece

Here at LWR, there's a term we don't use much in our communications, but it's pretty important: leverage. To us, leverage means using the resources we have to get even more resources to fulfill our mission.
So it was with a smile that I read of the Piecemakers at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norwood, MA, who recently "leveraged" the appeal of their LWR Mission Quilts to raise money to cover the costs of shipping them to people in need around the world.

Let me explain.

After six Saturdays of quilting, the 20 to 25 women of the group, with the help of a few dedicated Girl Scouts, had sewn 51 Quilts. To defray the costs of shipping their Quilts, the Piecemakers held a silent auction, offering one Quilt to the highest bidder.

The finished Quilts were displayed on the pews between services. The bidding stopped at $250, but the next highest bidder, at $200, agreed to make a donation to LWR anyway.

"At that point, we had a quick discussion among the quilters and decided to let each of the two highest bidders choose a Quilt for $200 apiece," says Susan Lawson, one of the quilters. "With that approach, we made a total of $400."

The money the Piecemakers donated to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund will go a long way - $400 can send 177 Quilts around the world!

Locally, the Piecemakers' efforts did not go unnoticed. Three local papers covered the story of their Quilt-making and the auction. And the group continues to thrive.

"We had such fun making these Quilts," Susan says. "The involvement of younger members has been especially gratifying."

By leveraging just a few of their Quilts, the Piecemakers have ensured that these gifts of their hearts can reach the hands that need them. Kudos!

Want to join in the Quilt and Kit-making effort? Learn how you can be part of this vital — and growing — ministry.