Beirut Blast:  Help Families in Crisis

Beirut Blast: Help Families in Crisis

The city of Beirut, Lebanon, is in crisis after an explosion on August 4 took many lives and destroyed entire portions of the city. Thousands of our neighbors are injured, hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and hospitals are so overwhelmed they are turning people away.

Pray with us, in gratitude and in mourning

“I flew 6 meters across the house.”

One Lutheran World Relief colleague suffered minor injuries in the blast, and her apartment building collapsed shortly after she helped an injured neighbor to safety. Read her story here. Fortunately, all staff from LWR and our local partners survived the explosion and are safe. Please pray for these brothers and sisters as they seek to rebuild their own lives while continuing to carry your love to those most in need.

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Beirut Families in Crisis Need Your Love Now!

The need is overwhelming, and our team in Lebanon is ready to respond. Your gift to the World of Good emergency response fund today will help immediately to deliver critical items such as food, shelter and more to survivors of this crisis.

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