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    About Lutheran World Resilience

LWR has a long history of building the resilience of vulnerable communities. Oftentimes these communities are affected by multiple shocks and stressors, such as natural disasters, conflict, and climate change and variability.

What Do We Mean By Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity of a system — individuals, households, or communities — to:

  1. absorb the impacts of shocks and stressors,
  2. adapt to changing circumstances, and
  3. transform amid uncertainty.
Lutheran World Relief brings a level of accountability and thoughtfulness to their projects that you don’t always see elsewhere.

– John Tangren and Anne Choate, Faithful donors

Resilience is an approach — not a technical solution, nor a prescriptive model. It is integrated across LWR’s programs and contributes to the achievement of development objectives in vulnerable communities.
It is an approach that:

  • Complements and strengthens development interventions, as it allows us to deepend our understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by vulnerable communities.
  • Looks at the interactions between local, regional and national levels.
  • Promotes holistic responses to short-term shocks and long-term stressors.
  • Requires reflective thinking, including gender and equity considerations.
  • Is based on a process that involves short, medium and long-term actions.

Highlights the linkages between social and ecological factors, crucial for communities to achieve sustainable development.

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About Lutheran  World Resilience

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In Honduras, LWR has supported communities to advocate for policy changes that build women's leadership in agriculture. "Before, women depended on a man to bring home everything...now women are becoming independent." @FeedtheFuture #herimpact #endhunger https://t.co/cjkM7qQ4OV