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How Investing in Chocolate can be an Investment in a Culture

The Arhuaco, an indigenous community in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains, are engaged in a 50-year plan to save their ancestral homeland and restore a vital eco-system damaged by years of land grabbing, illegal mining, and slash and burn agriculture. Learn about how LWR is working with the Arhuaco to increase their incomes and improve their […]


From Nicaragua: Thank You for Making School Kits

Kenya Gonzalez Casablanco, a teacher at La Carona Elementary School in San Ramón, Nicaragua, says “thank you” to all the people in the U.S. who assemble School Kits for their students.

Chutri Devi is LWR beneficiary-farmer
Lutheran World Relief - India.Sept. 2013 - Agricultural Programs in Banka District, India. (Photo by Jake Lyell, for LWR)

Empowering Women in Agriculture: Rural Women-Led Vegetable Farming

coffee farmers sort coffee on drying beds

Coffee Farming in Kenya: Lasting Solutions

Learn how extension officers and model farmers are helping other coffee farmers in Kenya improve their practices. This not only allows farmers earn more income for their families, but give their children more opportunities for health and education. Learn more about Ground Up: LWR’s Coffee and Cocoa Initiative Learn more about LWR’s work in Kenya

Maxima standing next to a cacao tree

Meet Maxima, Cocoa Farmer

Maxima Ventura Roque is a cocoa farmer in Peru. Learn about how Lutheran World Relief is working to improve her family’s life by giving her the tools she needs to earn a better income. Video footage by: Brad LaBriola, Made Known Pictures

Cocoa producer Hermógenes Pastrán Reyes removes raw cocoa beans from the pods on his plantation. Photo by Morgan Arnold, for LWR.

How Cocoa Farmers are Improving Their Incomes in Nicaragua

Two men work among thousands of coffee seedlings at a coffee nursery located in the community of Las Brisas. Photo by Morgan Arnold, for LWR.

How Coffee Farmers are Responding to Leaf Rust in Nicaragua

Throughout 2013, coffee farmers in Nicaragua were hard-hit by a fungus, commonly called “leaf rust.” This video talks about how farmers are responding. Video by Morgan Arnold, for LWR

Worker in cheese plant

How Dairy Farmers in Peru are Improving their Products

Meet Nevardo: Lasting Solutions for Sustainable Income

Nevardo Gomez and his wife live in Nicaragua. They have grown corn, rice and beans on their farm for 22 years, but those crops didn’t always generate enough income to support the family. Learn how Lutheran World Relief is teaching farmers how to grow quality cocoa, a cash crop that can thrive in Central America […]

Cocoa Farming in Peru: Lasting Solutions to Injustice

What would you do if terrorists forced you to grow coca for cocaine? How would you find an alternative? Lutheran World Relief is helping farmers on the border of Peru and Colombia find alternative livelihoods by growing cocoa for chocolate. Here’s how. —— Video by Brad LaBriola, Made Known Pictures