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Lutheran World Relief is working to improve the health of war-affected communities in Yemen through projects focusing on waste management and providing safe and clean water.

Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries, is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis considered among the worst by the United Nations. Even before Yemen’s civil war started in 2015, half of its population lived below the poverty line, a figure that currently exceeds 60 percent. As many as 10 million people are suffering from malnutrition, and nearly a quarter of a million are in danger of starvation.

A Lutheran World Relief initiative in the Qabitah district, an area located north of the city of Aden that has suffered from the armed conflict, is improving access to safe water sources by providing rainwater collection systems and ceramic filtration devices to internally displaced people, as well as members of the host communities.

We are carrying out a waste management project in a neighborhood in Aden, where the war disrupted municipal services and the garbage is not being collected. The project will employ local community members to remove trash and other debris from the streets. The refuse will be taken to one of three garbage collection facilities being constructed through this initiative. To heighten community awareness about the importance of waste management and personal hygiene, the project team will hold hygiene awareness sessions and distribute informational brochures and 10,000 hygiene kits.

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