Mother holding her two children

Your partnership in 2022 is a godsend for neighbors who have the very least

The new year brings renewed strength in God's promises and in our resolve to do God's work here on earth. The reality is that so many of our neighbors are suffering. Without your continued and steadfast support, they will continue to suffer.

The pandemic, historic drought, civil unrest, flooding, and other challenges have pushed hardworking families into extreme poverty. More families than ever before are facing real, crippling hunger. And many don't have safe, secure places to live.

Pray for our neighbors in need

Aichata Barry's family is just one of many tired and weary families trying desperately to escape violence and keep their children alive in the Sahel region of Africa. "This is the eighth month of real hunger," she shares. Like any mother, she simply wants her children to be healthy and know that their futures are bright.

Two-year-old Rosaura, who lives in Honduras, doesn't remember a time when she wasn't hungry. She is one of so many young children suffering because she doesn't have access to nourishing food, clean water, and other basic necessities.

And Tamsul, who with her five grandchildren, lives in cramped, crowded conditions in India, barely surviving on meager rations. Contracting COVID-19 is a constant fear.

For more than 75 years, people like you have answered the call to become partners in our work for Christ.

Your partnership and generosity in 2022 mean we can reach struggling families wherever they are, with whatever they need, before it’s too late. Right now, the need across the world is tremendous. Each and every one of our supporters must come together as God’s hands and feet to help those with the very least.

One act of faith today will renew your partnership in 2022.

Because of you, hungry families can grow enough food to nourish themselves and earn a living. The sick can find the medicine and care they need to get well. Neighbors in crisis can get the immediate assistance they need and learn to prepare for the next unexpected challenge.

We pray you will continue to stand faithfully alongside our neighbors in need. Together, we can help all of God's people receive the lifesaving care they desperately need.

Any generous gift you make today will help transform lives and the future for children in need.


Thank you for partnering with us to share Christ’s love.