Aisata Barry, age 4, stands outside her family's makeshift shelter in Senou Camp on the southern edge of Bamako, Mali's capital city. Her family is one of so many around the world who have been forced from their homes and need your urgent support.

Your generosity can save the lives of God’s most vulnerable children

Nafy David woke suddenly from her sleep as floodwaters rushed through her fragile home built of mud, roots, leaves and twigs. She grabbed her five children. Holding two in her arms and with three clinging to her sides, they trudged through the waist-high floodwaters.

With nothing more than the clothes on their backs, they eventually joined a group of other refugees making their way to Mogok—a sprawling displacement camp in northern South Sudan. The perilous journey took 10 days on foot, and the family had to push forward with no food or clean water.

"I knew if I stayed, my children would become sick with disease, and we would not be safe."

No one should go hungry, get sick or die simply because of where they were born

Changing weather patterns have caused rainy seasons in South Sudan to be so heavy that floodwaters have not fully subsided for the past three years. As a result, the lives and livelihoods of nearly one million people in South Sudan have been destroyed, including mothers like Nafy.

Nafy and her children are not alone in facing this type of extreme hardship. Homes, farmlands and roadways in South Sudan are turning to swamps and rivers. Entire villages lay underwater and abandoned. Swollen rivers and pools of stagnant waters are increasing the risk of snake bites and waterborne diseases, like cholera and malaria. And worsening flood conditions also mean once lush farmland that allowed families to feed their children are drowning underwater.

As a result, half of all South Sudanese are without adequate food supplies. Near famine, starvation is killing the most vulnerable of God's children — pregnant women, children under five, and people with disabilities.

Your gift is urgently needed as another rainy season begins

When you give, your love provides immediate relief for flood-affected families like Nafy's. It gives them a fighting chance against starvation, disease, and death.

Your kindness ensures children and their families receive urgently needed malnutrition care, basic health care, disease prevention, and health education, as well as comprehensive support for pregnant women.

Your love and support can provide new chances, new beginnings, and new hope for our most vulnerable neighbors.