LWR conducts emergency food and supply distribution to communities affected by flooding in the Kasese District of Uganda. Photo by Roy Magoba/Lutheran World Relief. 

In a world in need, your love can do a World of Good

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Oct 15, 2020

When we look back at 2020, most of us will remember it as the "Year of the Coronavirus" along with the many losses and challenges the virus brought with it. Yet for some of our neighbors around the world, the pandemic is only the beginning of the trials they are enduring this year.

Dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes, cataclysmic floods, earthquakes and other life-threatening disasters are on the rise. Families are losing everything and are being forced to flee from their homes during a time when staying home is what's best for their health.


In Uganda, torrential rains have caused catastrophic flooding. Everything Kule worked for was swept away — including his home and the crops and livestock on his small farm. Almost everyone in the village was affected, and Kule and his neighbors don't know how they will restore their homes and livelihoods.

In South Sudan, raging flood waters have left wide swaths of devastation, and nearly a million children, women and men are in need of food and shelter.

In Lebanon, Khayrallah's home was severely damaged in the recent explosion that destroyed a large section of the city of Beirut, killed more than 175, injured more than 6,000 and left more than 300,000 people instantly homeless.

Our neighbors’ plight is going unheard

As COVID-19 and election updates dominate our newsfeeds, we don't even hear about many of the emergencies that are destroying our neighbors' lives and livelihoods. And when we do, it's a short blip before our attention is directed elsewhere.

Tragically, it's our poorest neighbors who suffer the most when the world turns a blind eye — the ones who were already suffering when the unthinkable happened.

We cannot stop the storms, and we can't prevent earthquakes. But when disaster strikes, we can act quickly to save lives, offer hope and carry your love to our neighbors who need it most.


Your love makes a world of difference

The solution to suffering is love. With every disaster, more and more of our most vulnerable neighbors are forced to leave their homes and are at risk of disease and death — but your love can provide real relief.  

By giving generously to our 2020 World of Good Emergency Response Fund, you ensure love reaches neighbors in need on their very worst days.  

With your gift, you can make sure no one is beyond our reach. 

Until your love reaches every neighbor. 

In a World of Crisis,
Do a World of Good

Your gift to our emergency response fund provides families with the life-saving support they need right now.

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Emily Esworthy, Oct 15, 2020 email