This tool could mean a better, more prosperous future for a family

Hadi Raini is a mother and widow living in Indonesia. She has a small farm where she grows cassava.
Cassava is a hearty, brown root plant that grows well even in dry, low-quality soil. It is packed with carbohydrates, which makes cassava a good crop to have on hand when other foods may not be available. There are also many different ways to prepare it, including cutting it into chips.

There is high demand for cassava chip products, but making a profit is bone-aching, time consuming work. For Hadi, the exhausting work of harvesting, cutting, processing and packaging cassava chips kept her up until midnight.

But by the mercy that God has shown through you, it was possible for Hadi to receive a cassava cutter. This one tool made an enormous difference for Hadi and her children.

It must have seemed like a miracle when Hadi was able to save three to four hours of work each day. In fact, cassava farmers are able to produce 1,500 packets of cassava chips in a week thanks to this new machine — that translates to about $630 in income per family.

Hadi Raini stands alongside her cassava cutter
Hadi Raini received a cassava cutter from Lutheran World Relief, allowing her to save three to four hours of work each day.

Imagine what farmers can do with that extra time, money and energy. They can teach and encourage their children. They can invest some of their income in more crops and products to help their families go from simply surviving to thriving. They can share their wisdom with others, and then one tool can change an entire community.

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What if every farmer like Hadi had the tools needed to prosper? That’s our goal. And in truth, that goal is part of a much larger objective.

We want to train and equip communities for success that lasts. For villages like Hadi’s, that means time-tested agricultural processes that protect the earth and provide people with reliable sources of food and income. But for disaster-prone areas like Indonesia, we must do more.

Since Lutheran World Relief began working in Indonesia in 2004, after the Indian Ocean tsunami, we’ve worked to help families and communities build resilience. We can’t stop earthquakes, landslides and floods, but with your lasting support, we can help rural communities gain the strength, skills and preparation needed to recover from disasters quicker.

With your help, Lutheran World Relief works alongside farmer families in Indonesia and around the world so they are able to feed themselves and their families nutritious food every day of the year, and work together for the good of their communities.

This is a giant task, a monumental goal… yet it’s more possible than ever.

And I know we can do this because of the loyal, faith-filled support of donors like you.

God calls us to be shepherds, standing beside the poor. I hope you will join that call with your generous gift today.

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