Photo of the Day: Fields of Green

Agnesh is a woman from the Jamui District of northeast India. 85% of the population in her area depends on agriculture as their main source of income, yet most of the farming is done with low quality seeds that are not cost effective and generate low yields. These farmers also tend to have little access to credit, which means their ability to access high-yield, quality seeds, modern agriculture equipment, compost, and water harvesting measures is extremely limited.
LWR and our partners are working with farmers like Agnesh to provide water for irrigation, so that her crops can have the sustenance they need to grow. We are providing training on water management and sustainable agricultural practices.  We also are helping organize communities into self-help groups, which helps them access community services and financial credit that they can invest in their long-term futures.

Agnesh can now show off the green field where she has cultivated wheat for the first time, which brings a smile to all our faces.