the LWR Quilt Campaign 2013 - 1 Year - 500,000 Quilts

Tied in Faith.
Sent in Hope.
Wrapped in Love.

What is the 2013
LWR Quilt Campaign?

In 2013, LWR challenged Lutherans across the U.S. to donate 500,000 Quilts to send around the world to people in need.

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It's a Celebration!

As we wrap up the 2013 Quilt Campaign, there is much to celebrate! Our final number, as of the end of May, 2014, is 485,931 Quilts. This is by far the most Quilts LWR has ever received in one year. How wonderful!

That means that hundreds of thousands of people around the world will be wrapped in tangible symbols of God’s love. Thousands of people here in the United States discovered the joy of serving their neighbor through quilting. Bonds have been created, renewed and strengthened, and ministries have flourished. For these gifts, we are thankful. So let’s celebrate together!

Choose a Sunday to Celebrate!
Join us in thanking God for the transformative ministry of quilting! Download the reproducible bulletin insert below, and share the children’s sermon with your young church friends. Share your pictures and stories!
Give witness to the work God has done through your group. We’ll collect all the pictures and stories we receive into an online scrapbook you can share with your group, congregation, family and friends.

Quilters at Work Flip through our scrapbook to see some of the fun and creative ways quilters stepped up to the Quilt Campaign challenge!

Send us your stories and photos for the scrapbook.
LWR Quilt Campaign Scrapbook
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Quilt Campaign 2013 Scrapbook

Take a look at LWR's Distribution Map to see where in the world your Quilts are headed!
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