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Give to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund Matching Gift Challenge!

Right now you can DOUBLE the amount of Quilts & Kits you ship with your gift today!

A group of Lutherans in Illinois has issued a challenge. They will match your donations to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund through May 31 – dollar for dollar – up to $20,000!

Get your gift matched today!

And here’s why your gift today is so important. Imagine not having soap to wash your baby or a warm blanket in which to wrap your shivering child.

A 1-month-old baby is wrapped up in an LWR Quilt at the Arunima Hospice.
A 1-month-old baby is wrapped up in an LWR Quilt at the Arunima Hospice in Calcutta, India.

Orm not being able to send your child to school because the cost of things like pencils and notebooks and backpacks is just too great.

A student at Boston Elementary School in Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Philippines, inspects the LWR School Kit he received.

This is the reality in many of the communities where Lutheran World Relief works.

But you can help.

Each year, countless Lutherans assemble and pack LWR Mission Quilts & Kits of Care. And through the generosity of people just like you, these gifts of love are shipped around the globe, to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Students at ELIMAA School enjoy their new LWR Personal Care Kits. Their teacher is using the items in the kits to teach hygiene lessons, including proper hand washing.


That means:

  • $25 doubles to send 22 cozy Quilts to shivering children.
  • $50 multiplies 2X to ship 76 Baby Care Kits to struggling mothers.
  • $100 goes twice as far to send 142 School Kits.

Even in the darkest times, Quilts and Kits send a strong message to families in need: the world has not forgotten you. You are loved.

Help send that message to people in need around the world with a gift to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund today — and DOUBLE the impact of your compassion and generosity!

Double your gift today!