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Since early March 2012, Malians fleeing armed conflict in the northern part of Mali between the government forces and Islamist militant groups have been living in Mbera Refugee Camp in the southeast Mauritania.

Working through our partner, Lutheran World Federation, we have assisted Malian refugees living in the Mbera camp, as well as members of the host communities, improve their livelihoods by helping them to acquire skills in market gardening and rain-fed agriculture.

This initiative provided training on improved horticultural techniques, including drip-to-drip, soilless gardening techniques, soil enrichment and maintenance, and small-scale business principles and management. Vegetables produced through these activities were used for home consumption and sale.

Malian refugees living in the Mbara camp were also trained in animal husbandry. More than 450 goats were distributed to camp residents, producing milk that families could consume or sell for additional income.