Nominate Your Very Important Quilters!

Cambridge Lutheran Church was featured in LWR’s 2016 Quilt & Kit Pipeline video. Members of the congregation, including quilter Elsie Stromberg, assemble Quilts and Kits that go around the world to people in need.

Since 1945, LWR Mission Quilts have been a foundational way Lutherans in the United States show love for their global neighbors through Lutheran World Relief. Today, that tradition still endures. Countless men, women, and children come together each year to assemble and donate LWR Mission Quilts.

In honor of National Quilting Day, March 17, help us show thanks by nominating your group’s Very Important Quilters (VIQs)! You may nominate as many VIQs as you like (the form below accepts five people per submission) and we’ll send special certificates of appreciation for their hard work! Also, be sure to stay tuned to the Lutheran World Relief Facebook page the week of March 10 as we celebrate all things LWR Quilting!

(Is your congregation interested in honoring its quilters on National Quilting Day? Here are a few easy ideas!)

Nominate your Very Important Quilters!

You may nominate up to five people per form submission. Please remember to indicate where their certificates of appreciation should be sent!