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Meet Daisy: Lasting Solutions to Hunger in Peru

Daisy loves her family. They are traditional farmers in the highlands of Peru. But over the past few decades, political strife and severe weather have lead to a population exodus. Much of the traditional farming knowledge and practices have been lost. Learn how Lutheran World Relief is helping fight hunger & poverty. [...]Read More...

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Empowering Women in Agriculture: Rural Women-Led Vegetable Farming

LWR is working with 500 women farmers in 25 village of rural Bihar State, India, to increase their economic and food security. Using innovative farming practices, LWR is helping them diversify their crops with high yielding vegetables, sell vegetables at local and regional markets for increased income and organize into a vegetable producer association, giving [...]Read More...

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Meet Mina: Lasting Vegetables in India

Five years ago, Mina wouldn’t have believed how much money could be made from farming vegetables. Back then, she and others in her small Indian village farmed just enough for them to eat. Learn how Lutheran World Relief is helping fight hunger & poverty by helping women in Bihar, India, diversify the crops they grow [...]Read More...

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God Made a Farmer – Recognizing Women Farmers

Rural Women produce more than half of all food grown in developing countries, yet own less than a third of all land. Inspired by Paul Harvey and Dodge, Lutheran World Relief recognizes the important contributions all farmers make. Especially women farmers. [...]Read More...

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