Technical Approaches


Lutheran World Relief strengthens the capacity of local organizations in the coffee value chain, to effectively support farmers’ efforts to improve the health and productivity of their soil and minimize erosion through sustainable land management practices, such as crop diversification and rotation, conservation tillage, use of organic fertilizers and soil amendments. Understanding that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are engines of growth for the agricultural sector, we support coffee farmers and entrepreneurs on their farms and with their small businesses through training, technical assistance, small grants, and improved market access for their products and services.

Lutheran World Relief has worked with smallholder coffee farmers since 1988, building on their skills and knowledge to increase yields, income and quality. Lutheran World Relief promotes the adoption of agroforestry production systems to build sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers globally. With careful planning, trees grown in agroforestry systems can provide food, fodder, shade, soil and water protection and conservation, as well as income for farmers, simultaneously increasing food security and overall farm resilience and stability. By investing in women and youth in the coffee sector, we are committed to improving equity, strengthening the value chain and ensuring the future of coffee.

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