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The Thrivent Action Team at Hope Lutheran Church in Powell, WY

Spread global holiday cheer with Thrivent Action Teams

Shirley Robish, of Strandburg, South Dakota, recently wrote to tell us about a new tradition her family has started for Christmas. “For the past three Christmas gatherings,” she says, “part of our gift giving involves LWR Kits.” Each member of her family contributes items for various types of kits as a part of their gifts to one […]

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Why We Support LWR’s Work Through Thivent Choice

John and Ruth Lange were members of Thrivent Financial even before there was a Thrivent Financial.  “I remember having a policy back when it was Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans,” John says.  John and Ruth, both retired, live south east of Atlanta, in Warner Robins, Georgia and attend Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. They’ve [...]Read More...

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Taking Action for LWR

Assembling LWR Personal Care Kits for displaced and refugee families. Hosting a prayer breakfast when a disaster strikes to raise funds for those affected overseas. Organizing a luncheon for the homeless and serving LWR coffee. The ability to make a positive change, in the local community and abroad, is possible through Thrivent Financial’s newest volunteer program: Thrivent Action Teams. Through this [...]Read More...

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