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Why I’m Grateful for Those who Support our Work

by Heather McGinness, LWR’s former Associate Director for Philanthropic Engagement The words “thank you” often seem woefully inadequate to express the powerful — even overwhelming — feeling of gratitude. I have the blessing of being part of Lutheran World Relief’s Philanthropic Engagement team. I am humbled and inspired on a daily basis, both by the [...]Read More...

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Why I’m Grateful for our Field Staff

by Loretta Ishida, LWR’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa Whenever I am asked to talk about my work, I think people expect me to tell stories about people in a distant country and how their lives are being changed by Lutheran World Relief’s work. But I don’t interact with community members very often in [...]Read More...

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I am Dhrubba Mukhopadhyay

This summer, Drubaa Mukhopadhyay visited the United States with the Foods Resource Bank, a partner of Lutheran World Relief. Her extensive knowledge and background in international development is a wonderful example of the people LWR works with around the world. Here’s her story: I am Dhrubaa Mukhopadhyay. I was born in 1969 to parents who [...]Read More...

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