From Farmer to You: LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Buy Now!

Carmelia at a Guatamalan Eco-Palm farm

Think Outside the Branch: Ideas for Eco-Palms

I love Palm Sunday! It marks the beginning of the most holy and profound faith-week of each year. After 5.5 weeks of Lenten disciplines, somber music, winter doldrums, and no alleluias, joy bursts into the worship service again. Joyful hosannas fill the air outside where we’ve gathered for the blessing of the palms and inside, […]

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Maryering Talavera stands next to grandfather and coffee farmer Gustavo Talavera

Introducing LWR Farmers Market Coffee

LWR farmers market coffee is a new line of coffee sourced directly from farmers participating in LWR projects. Every delicious cup helps transform poor communities that depend on their coffee crop to feed their families. Farmers get a strong upfront price for their coffee beans and a portion of the profit. With LWR Farmers Market [...]Read More...

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Cocoa Farmers Come Together to Learn & Share

“Cocoa is my passion.” These were among the first words that cocoa farmer Leonor Gomez shared during the two-day National Cocoa Forum that LWR co-hosted in Nicaragua last week. The cocoa forum was a dream that LWR maintained as we expanded our work in cocoa in Nicaragua and other parts of Latin America. Not only [...]Read More...

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What do Farmers Need?

What do Farmers Need? In Uganda, I was told pangas and seeds.  In Colombia it was land titles and roads. In Kenya? Irrigation. In Honduras it was guaranteed buyers and fair prices and in India, access to credit. This is what makes LWR’s work interesting and — frankly — hard. What farmers need in the [...]Read More...

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Could Chocolate Get Any Better?

Apparently yes! And LWR is helping make that possible with our partners in Nicaragua. Last week the country´s first ever international chocolate-tasting competition took place in Managua, Nicaragua. There, seven cooperatives representing hundreds of cocoa producers competed to win the best chocolate award.  Cocoa beans are used to make chocolate, and LWR´s heart is in [...]Read More...

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Helping Small Farmers in Haiti

Today is the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was a major humanitarian emergency that devastated an already fragile country. A lot has happened since then, and LWR continues the work it began long before the earthquake struck. Our emergency relief efforts — like distributing Personal Care Kits — continue [...]Read More...

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