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For Houston couple, bicycles are a ministry of welcome for refugees

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Houston. Bill Mintz, a former journalist and public affairs director for the Apache Corporation, is erecting a tent at Freewheels Houston, a bike donation, repair and distribution organization serving the local refugee community. The tent will provide cover to the volunteers who will be working in the 90-plus degree [...]Read More...

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Thanksgiving Foods

Giving Thanks, In Spite Of It All

Poverty. Protests. Refugees. Earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes. Terror. ISIS. Sometimes it can feel like too much. I recently gave a talk to a group of adults at my church. I talked about how Lutheran World Relief is providing support for refugees from Syria and South Sudan. And I talked about our work to get people [...]Read More...

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Don’t Close Dadaab: World’s Largest Refugee Camp Under Threat

At Lutheran World Relief, we are extremely concerned about the news that the Kenyan government will close the Dadaab refugee camp by May 2017, and will seek to repatriate the mostly Somali refugees who live there. LWR, working with our partner, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Department for World Service, provides ongoing assistance to refugees [...]Read More...

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Youth group volunteers from the Orthodox Church of Hanina in Jordan pause from unloading a truck full of LWR Quilts and Kits for Syrian refugees in their community.

Quilts and Kits Ramp Up Refugee Crisis Response

IN PAST ISSUES, WE HAVE SHARED STORIES ABOUT LWR’S WORK IN ASSISTING SYRIANS SUFFERING FROM VIOLENCE AND DISCORD IN THEIR HOMELAND. We’ve told you about the gift of School Kits for children in classrooms in Damascus, Syria. We’ve shared about the impact of Quilts and Kits for children and families in refugee camps in Lebanon [...]Read More...

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9 Facts About Refugees

What is the definition of a refugee? How many refugees are there around the world? What causes people to become refugees? Here are 9 facts about refugees: 1. Refugees have fled persecution or war In order to officially be considered a refugee, a person must have suffered persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political [...]Read More...

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Nine Facts About Refugees

The ongoing conflict in Syria has been on the front page of news for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the huge number of Syrian refugees who have fled their homes to find solace in Jordan, Turkey, and other neighboring countries. But what is the definition of a refugee? How many refugees [...]Read More...

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Talking about Africa’s Sahel Food Crisis

Over the next couple weeks, Lutheran World Relief will join InterAction (an umbrella organization made up of 190 member organizations around the world) in a series of discussions about the growing food crisis in Africa’s Sahel region. By the Numbers: Number of people facing food insecurity: 10.4 million Children at risk of severe malnutrition: 1,000,000 [...]Read More...

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