Taking Action for LWR

Assembling LWR Personal Care Kits for displaced and refugee families. Hosting a prayer breakfast when a disaster strikes to raise funds for those affected overseas. Organizing a luncheon for the homeless and serving LWR coffee. The ability to make a positive change, in the local community and abroad, is possible through Thrivent Financial’s newest volunteer program: Thrivent Action Teams. Through this [...]Read More...

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Youth group volunteers from the Orthodox Church of Hanina in Jordan pause from unloading a truck full of LWR Quilts and Kits for Syrian refugees in their community.

Quilts and Kits Ramp Up Refugee Crisis Response

IN PAST ISSUES, WE HAVE SHARED STORIES ABOUT LWR’S WORK IN ASSISTING SYRIANS SUFFERING FROM VIOLENCE AND DISCORD IN THEIR HOMELAND. We’ve told you about the gift of School Kits for children in classrooms in Damascus, Syria. We’ve shared about the impact of Quilts and Kits for children and families in refugee camps in Lebanon [...]Read More...

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Sandra Osgood shows off a closet filled with donated quilting supplies

A Quilting Milestone in Northwest Michigan

The quilters from Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Traverse City, Mich., quilted and donated their 12,000th Quilt this October — a milestone in the journey of needlework the group has been dedicated to for nearly 40 years. The meticulous records of quilter Jane Witkop have tracked the group’s annual contributions to LWR and to other local [...]Read More...

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Third grade students in the Philippines hold up the school kits they received from LWR.

Your LWR School Kit Questions Answered

This time of year many congregations are showing their love for their global neighbors by preparing School Kits to donate to LWR. We thank you for your generosity and compassion! As you prepare your School Kits, we thought we’d share the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this resource. If you have [...]Read More...

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Quilt distribution for families affected by the earthquake in Nepal. Distribution occurred May 22, 2015 in Lamjung District. Omar Rahaman, LWR's Senior Director for Asia & The Middle East, presents a Quilt to a recipient.

Photo Friday: LWR Quilt Distribution in Nepal

Just today we received these pictures from Omar Rahaman, LWR’s Senior Director for Asia and the Middle East. He is working in Nepal to coordinate our response to the April 25 earthquake. One part of our immediate response was to ship 9,240 Quilts, 1,000 Personal Care Kits and 100 water filtration units to Nepal to distribute [...]Read More...

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Five Years Later: The Haiti Earthquake in Pictures

Monday, January 12 marks the five-year anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. It’s painful to recall. The poorest country in this hemisphere, Haiti was the country least able to handle such a shocking event. Even before the earthquake, the majority of Haitians faced decades of problems, most of which begin and end in [...]Read More...

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Why I’m Thankful for Key Leaders

Although retail stores are trying to tell me it’s Christmas time, when I think of November, I still think of Thanksgiving. With “turkey day” just two days away, this is a good time to reflect on gratitude — for us especially, because gratitude is one of our organizational values. And for me there is no [...]Read More...

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A migrant from Syria walks along rail tracks with his son. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

What We’re Doing to Help Syrian Refugees

By now, we’ve all heard about the crisis in Syria. It’s been dominating the news. We’ve heard a lot about the political implications of interventions into the civil war. But beneath the debates, beneath the possible scenarios and their possible consequences, there are many, many Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance. More than six million people [...]Read More...

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How many Mission Quilts do we ship every year?

When small groups of people in congregations gather throughout the U.S. and tie LWR Mission Quilts, it’s hard to fathom how many get sent around the world. All of these Quilts are donated by people like you. It shows how many small donations add up to huge amounts of comfort! In 2012 we delivered 412,710 Mission [...]Read More...

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A First-Person Account of Living Through Typhoon Bopha

Juliet Sevilla is a 17-year-old mother living in Anda Barangay of New Bataan municipality in Compostela Valley Province, which was hit by Typhoon Bopha in December 2012. After the storm, Juliet received an LWR Mission Quilt, Baby Care Kit, Personal Care Kit and toothpaste from Lutheran World Relief. She told the following story to our [...]Read More...

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