A group of mothers learn to prepare healthy meals for their families.

Combatting Childhood Malnutrition in the Philippines

In a modest home in the Philippines, Arlinda Dalabalan sits among about 20 children — ages 5 to 8 — singing a song. Before the song she’d clipped the children’s nails, combed their hair and inspected their scalps. When the song is done she’ll teach them how to properly wash their hands and record each […]

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Vintage Brochure – LWR Layettes

Check out this vintage LWR Layette (Baby Care Kit) brochure one of our constituents found in her mother-in-law’s drawer. How things have changed since 1964 – and yet the spirit is the same! Learn more about Baby Care Kits A Baby Care Kit from LWR is like a promise. It says to that baby, Your [...]Read More...

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Photo of the Day: Kandalady Market, Sri Lanka

This photo was sent to us by a consultant who is evaluating our work in Sri Lanka that is helping to alleviate long-term hunger and poverty. She says, “Following our jarring interviews about poverty and the lure of work through agents yesterday, this scene has tremendous meaning for me — and more for the women [...]Read More...

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