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Evelyn Nassuna visiting US Amish Farms

Farming is Always Changing

In Africa, Lutheran World Relief spends a lot of time working with farmers. In most African countries the majority of people still make their living, or part of their living, from agriculture. If you want to end poverty,  farming will be in that equation. One of the exciting things about working in the field of [...]Read More...

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Photo of the Day: Kandalady Market, Sri Lanka

This photo was sent to us by a consultant who is evaluating our work in Sri Lanka that is helping to alleviate long-term hunger and poverty. She says, “Following our jarring interviews about poverty and the lure of work through agents yesterday, this scene has tremendous meaning for me — and more for the women [...]Read More...

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

On March 8, International Women’s Day, we celebrate the theme of empowering rural women to end poverty and hunger. Rural women in developing countries face many challenges to building better lives. Lutheran World Relief is proud to work side-by-side with women to address the root causes of their communities’ poverty and work toward lasting promise. [...]Read More...

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Helping Small Farmers in Haiti

Today is the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was a major humanitarian emergency that devastated an already fragile country. A lot has happened since then, and LWR continues the work it began long before the earthquake struck. Our emergency relief efforts — like distributing Personal Care Kits — continue [...]Read More...

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Meet Anita Devi

When LWR and our partner IDF (Integrated Development Fund) first arrived at the Chak-ewaj village in India in September 2009, the villagers weren’t interested in working with them.  Most of the households were already engaged in small businesses, living day-to-day off of their earning at the local market.  There was never enough money to set [...]Read More...

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