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Anna Choate in the Philippines

A Profound Experience of Community in the Philippines

Anne Choate is a long-time supporter of Lutheran World Relief who recently traveled to the Philippines to see our projects in action. Here she reflects on the experience as part of our “Humans of LWR” blog series, which seeks to tell stories of the human connections made through the work of Lutheran World Relief.  In [...]Read More...

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What is “food security”? And how does it differ from “hunger”?

“Food security” is a term that used all the time by people who work in the world of relief and development. But what does the term mean? Is it simply the opposite of hunger? Officially, food security exists “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy [...]Read More...

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World Hunger is Declining

Sometimes it can feel as if the world is falling apart. Earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty and hunger dominate our headlines. Is there any hope for lasting change? Is sustainable development really possible? We’ve put together a couple charts that show a more positive picture. Hunger is Declining With month after month and year after year of [...]Read More...

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What do Farmers Need?

What do Farmers Need? In Uganda, I was told pangas and seeds.  In Colombia it was land titles and roads. In Kenya? Irrigation. In Honduras it was guaranteed buyers and fair prices and in India, access to credit. This is what makes LWR’s work interesting and — frankly — hard. What farmers need in the [...]Read More...

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Alternatives for Teenagers

This past Monday, the New York Times published an article about the successes of a major gang truce in El Salvador. Five months after bringing jailed gang leaders together to negotiate a truce, “Homicides in this country of six million people are down 32 percent in the first half of this year; kidnappings have fallen [...]Read More...

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Photo of the Day: Fields of Green

Agnesh is a woman from the Jamui District of northeast India. 85% of the population in her area depends on agriculture as their main source of income, yet most of the farming is done with low quality seeds that are not cost effective and generate low yields. These farmers also tend to have little access [...]Read More...

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Little Things Make a Big Difference for Bolivian Farmers

Dionisia Choque is a Quechua-speaking farmer who lives in Tinguipaya, Bolivia. Her entire life Dionisia and her family have grown potatoes, and until recently that is what her family ate, potatoes and some meat. In fact, that is what almost everyone in her community has cultivated and eaten for decades. Some would say Tinguipaya has [...]Read More...

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Photo of the Day: Kandalady Market, Sri Lanka

This photo was sent to us by a consultant who is evaluating our work in Sri Lanka that is helping to alleviate long-term hunger and poverty. She says, “Following our jarring interviews about poverty and the lure of work through agents yesterday, this scene has tremendous meaning for me — and more for the women [...]Read More...

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