From Farmer to You: LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Buy Now!

Maryering Talavera stands next to grandfather and coffee farmer Gustavo Talavera

Introducing LWR Farmers Market Coffee

LWR farmers market coffee is a new line of coffee sourced directly from farmers participating in LWR projects. Every delicious cup helps transform poor communities that depend on their coffee crop to feed their families. Farmers get a strong upfront price for their coffee beans and a portion of the profit. With LWR Farmers Market [...]Read More...

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Lindor Wisly

Haitian Coffee Farmers Diversify for Better Food Security, Quality of Life

PICTURE IT: two boys standing on the patchy front lawn on the small coffee farm of Lindor Wisly, in Dondon, northeast Haiti. One is Mr. Wisly’s son and is tall, what you might call a bean pole. He looks healthy and exuberant, and has an infectious smile. The other child is smaller, more reserved. He keeps a straight face and shies away [...]Read More...

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Stephen Shumila

The Best Part of My Job: Seeing Lives Changed

My favorite part about my job as a program manager for Lutheran World Relief in Kenya is seeing how people’s lives are changed. I recently returned from a visit to two of our projects in Western Kenya: one is implemented by the Kimira Oluch Farmers Development Group (KOFDEG), and the other by APOKO, a consortium [...]Read More...

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David Mbungi

In Kenya, a Sower Went Out to Sow

In the villages around Kambu in eastern Kenya, farmers look to the heavens with brows furrowed with concern. The two rainy seasons each year are critical to these farmers in one of Kenya’s driest regions, who depend on these showers to water their crops. Now, white, puffy clouds dot the sky, but no rain is [...]Read More...

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How Climate Change is Affecting Coffee Farmers

Climate change is a clear and present danger to coffee farmers in Central America, and Lutheran World Relief is working with farm families and cooperatives, helping them to cope, LWR’s Rick Peyser told a gathering of Congressional staffers at a Dec. 8 Capitol Hill briefing. Rick, LWR senior relationship manager for coffee and cocoa, was [...]Read More...

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Why Do Coffee & Cocoa Farmers Struggle So Much? A Q&A with Rick Peyser

Coffee and Cocoa are big business around the world. In the United States alone, coffee is the largest food import, and chocolate generates more than $20 billion per year in revenue. Yet many of the world’s coffee and cocoa producers live in poverty. Rick Peyser, Lutheran World Relief’s senior relationship manager for coffee and cocoa, [...]Read More...

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Lionel Philidor, a member of the Sainte Helene coffee cooperative, poses for a photo at the cooperative in Carice, Haiti, June 17, 2015. Photo by Allison Shelley for LWR

How Your Support Makes Coffee Entrepreneurs in Haiti

This post is part of the ongoing LWR Blog series “My first LWR project visit,” in which LWR staff making first time field visits are invited to share their insights. We hope you enjoy their perspectives and that it gives you a new point of view of the work you support with Lutheran World Relief. [...]Read More...

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Rick Peyser with children in Sidamo, Ethiopia 2007

LWR Staff Member Rick Peyser Stands With Coffee Farmers

We’re proud that our very own Rick Peyser was featured in USA Today on Sunday as the man “instrumental in creating the outreach programs for coffee farmers that would allow Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to emblazon its semi-trailers with the slogan, ‘We realized good coffee could be good for the world,’ and actually mean it.” Peyser [...]Read More...

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Nepal Earthquake: Why We Must Pay Attention to the Rural Poor

It’s easy to focus on urban Kathmandu and prestigious Mt. Everest in the wake of the earthquake that hit Nepal last week. But what about those who live in less visible places? Two researchers at the University of British Columbia wrote a powerful piece in The Globe and Mail about the importance of reaching the [...]Read More...

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Lutheran World Relief Receives $350,000 from Starbucks Foundation

We are proud to announce that we have received a Starbucks Foundation grant of $350,000 toward a two-year project that contributes to the protection of the local ecosystem, provides sustainable livelihoods, and fosters community in Colombia: Pro-Café: Protecting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Coffee Livelihoods. Coffee growers’ livelihoods and quality of life in central Colombia are [...]Read More...

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