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Ram Singh Gurung sits in front of his newly constructed home in Nepal's Gorkha District.

Nepal: Two Years After the Earthquake, a Place to Call Home

On April 25, 2017, we mark the second anniversary of the deadly earthquake that struck Nepal. Its toll was huge, killing nearly 9,000 people, injuring 20,000 more and destroying more than 600,000 homes. A second earthquake hit on May 12, causing more damage and casualties. Together, the suffering they caused is incalculable. Your support has […]

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Nepal: Nine Months After the Earthquake

LWR has a long history of development programming aimed at building the resilience of vulnerable communities affected by multiple shocks and stressors, such as natural disasters, conflict, and climate change and variability. This blog series, Reflections on Resilience, will examine emerging issues, innovative approaches and new resources in resilience work. It seeks to stimulate learning, reflection [...]Read More...

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Meet Krishna, Nepal Earthquake Survivor

This post was written by Umer Khan, LWR’s Senior Director for Emergency Operations, just days before a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck parts of Nepal. LWR staff on the ground report they are safe and continue to work to reach out to people affected by the April 25 earthquake. If you’d like to learn more [...]Read More...

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Second Earthquake Hits Nepal: Notes from LWR Staff

A second, 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal this morning, less than three weeks after the first, 7.8 magnitude quake. Reuters reports that at least 37 people have been killed and panic is spreading. Lutheran World Relief staff are all safe and are continuing to assess the situation. Nicole Hark, LWR’s Deputy Regional Director for Asia & [...]Read More...

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Nepal Earthquake: Why We Must Pay Attention to the Rural Poor

It’s easy to focus on urban Kathmandu and prestigious Mt. Everest in the wake of the earthquake that hit Nepal last week. But what about those who live in less visible places? Two researchers at the University of British Columbia wrote a powerful piece in The Globe and Mail about the importance of reaching the [...]Read More...

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Five Years Later: The Haiti Earthquake in Pictures

Monday, January 12 marks the five-year anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. It’s painful to recall. The poorest country in this hemisphere, Haiti was the country least able to handle such a shocking event. Even before the earthquake, the majority of Haitians faced decades of problems, most of which begin and end in [...]Read More...

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Three Years After the Haiti Earthquake

Today marks the third anniversary of the earthquake that leveled Haiti. Three years ago this magnitude 7.0 earthquake severely damaged an already struggling nation. Lutheran World Relief had already been at work in Haiti for fifteen years, but we increased our presence there to help people recover from the earthquake. Three years after the earthquake, [...]Read More...

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Helping Small Farmers in Haiti

Today is the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was a major humanitarian emergency that devastated an already fragile country. A lot has happened since then, and LWR continues the work it began long before the earthquake struck. Our emergency relief efforts — like distributing Personal Care Kits — continue [...]Read More...

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