Diversification of Production and Environmental Improvement in Five Cooperative Members of SOPPEXCCA in Jinotega, Nicaragua


In Nicaragua, farmers’ associations are essential structures for helping small-scale farmers successfully participate in agriculture value chains. LWR works with associations and cooperatives to improve productivity, quality, and post-harvest processing and storage of crops.

This coffee value chain project with a climate change focus not only allows LWR to maintain a field presence in coffee in the wake of the successful USAID-funded ACORDAR project, but also allows LWR to gain experience with more climate change-oriented programming including crop diversification, emissions reduction, and water.

Direct Participants:
318 women, and 376 men.

Indirect Beneficiaries:
40 men, 140 women

Goal:Improved livelihoods of partners from five cooperatives of UCA SOPPEXCCA by implementing environmental and agro-ecological practices, strengthening capacity development and technical assistance to diversify production and mitigate the effects of climate change.


  • Support diversification of coffee farms with cocoa which is more adapted to future climate change predictions for these areas.
  • Improve 200 household and environmental water and sanitation conditions through latrine bio-digesters, water filters, water and soil retention works, and treatment pools for water contaminated through coffee processing before it enters waterways, for 693 people.
  • Strengthen the capacity of 200 farmers for agro-ecological management of agroforestry systems with coffee and cocoa including the use of LWR cocoa toolkit.