Adapting Together

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has partnered with Gold Fields S.A. La Cima, USAID and local partner CEDEPAS Norte, in the Hualgayoc district of Cajamarca, since 2009 to:

  • Improve agricultural livelihoods
  • Improve efficiency and efficacy of public municipal investments in local public services
  • Promote a culture of dialogue and non-violence in governance and civic life


The District Municipality of Hualgayoc increases capacity for Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) through a resolution from the Hualgayoc mayoralty and two micro-basin commissions

  • $800,000 invested in climate change objectives from public and private funding
  • Sustainable irrigation and crop management practices are implemented on 45 hectares of farmland
  • 1,000 men and women, living in two micro-basins, become active participants of CCA implementation projects and apply at least one new adaptation measure
  • 50 women report an increase in their personal efficiency with the help of capacity building projects
  • 14,500 people benefit from sustainable resource management, and new policy frameworks


  • LWR and USAID are facilitating the creation and incorporation of better management tools in Hualgayoc institutions and organizations
  • Local policies are created using target information and priorities grounded on CCA
  • With the implementation of climate change adaptation measures, water security is being improved for the population of two microbasins in the Hualgayoc District
  • Improved agricultural livelihoods are moved forward through participatory planning, dialogue and non-violence
  • Water and fertile land are protected and managed for their biodiversity, environmental impact and sustainable human benefits