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Evaluations: Learning for Gender Integration PLUS Nicaragua: Combined PhotoVoice and Most Significant Change Methodologies

With funding from Foods Resource Bank (FRB), Lutheran World Relief and ADDAC (Asociación para la Diversificación y el Desarrollo Agrícola Comuna) worked with 266 men and 143 women in 15 communities, who are members of the Flor de Pancasán cooperative, to improve their food security. The Flor de Pancasán cooperative is located in Matiguás, a municipality with indigenous roots. The cooperative is approximately nine years old. Its structure includes an assembly of delegates each representing 10 members, a board of directors and several internal committees that oversee affairs related to credit, surveillance, gender and marketing, among other things.

The project aimed to increase the agricultural productivity of marketed crops, diversify farmers’ household food supply,
expand income sources, strengthen the cooperative’s administrative and business capacity and establish strategies for equitable management of household economic resources for both men and women. The project was implemented in the municipalities of Matiguás, San Ramón and Muy Muy (Nicaragua) from April 2013 to March 2015.

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