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Evaluations: Learning for Gender Integration India: Combined PhotoVoice and Most Significant Change Methodologies

Action for Social Advancement (ASA) and LWR worked with 505 men and 505 women from smallholder farming households to increase agricultural production, ensure year-round food availability and increase income through the sale of agriculture surplus. The project strove to improve both men’s and women’s productivity by emphasizing collaboration in agricultural work and household chores and creating better on-farm opportunities for both men and women. The project was implemented in nine tribal villages in the Jamui District of Bihar State, India from February 2013 to March 2016.

The Gender in Agriculture project was a part of Learning for Gender Integration (LGI), an initiative of LWR aimed at ensuring that men and women have equal opportunities to benefit from LWR’s work. The goal of the initiative is to enable LWR to better contribute to full human flourishing through gender-integrated programming. LGI projects are funded by LWR and the Foods Resource Bank. Cultural Practice, LLC provided technical support to the initiative.

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