Our people

Igor Samac

Senior Director, Procurement

Igor Samac leads Corus International’s procurement department, providing support to more than 30 countries around the globe. He manages more than $30 million in procurement actions annually with special attention on procurement of restricted goods, including medicine, medical supplies and vehicles. He also plays a vital role in providing staff support, training and development.

Igor joined Corus subsidiary IMA World Health in 2017 as a senior procurement officer. Before that he worked for International Relief and Development, now known as Blumont Inc., as a program officer in Montenegro and a senior program director in Arlington, VA. He also served as a support and development officer for the Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank in Montenegro.

Igor has been deployed to multiple emergency relief operations, where he provided leadership in the process of bringing in humanitarian aid, setting up new offices, as well as administration and operations support. He has been deployed and worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Philippines, Egypt, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Jordan, Netherlands and Slovenia.