As the 75,000 More Mask Challenge has come to an end, we are amazed at the work God has done through each and every person who sewed masks for their neighbors in need around the world. In the coming weeks, we’ll be in touch to share our final mask tally, as well as with updates on where your masks are going and who they are helping.

Thank you. Without your love, so many of our neighbors around the world would remain vulnerable to this pandemic. May God bless you and continue to keep safe.

How to make a cloth face mask

Learn how to make a cloth face mask to help our neighbors in developing countries stay safe from coronavirus. Lisa Kipp of Lutheran World Relief demonstrates the step-by-step process of sewing a cloth face mask.

When’s the deadline?

Please send your face masks as soon as possible. The deadline for all masks was October 1, 2020. We will continue to accept and ship masks.

Where and when will the masks be distributed?

Cloth face masks will be distributed with upcoming international shipments of personal care kits already scheduled for fall. Face masks will be distributed to individuals in vulnerable communities and are not intended to be a replacement for medical grade personal protective equipment.

What materials do I need to make a face mask?

Tightly woven cotton fabric, pins, and bias tape, elastic loops or cotton fabric for the ties. Please avoid fabric with religious or patriotic symbols, because we ship to many different countries.

Where can I find resources to make cotton face masks?

Here are a few recommendations:

Are you a Thrivent member? Members can apply for funds to engage in the activity of making face masks:

I used a different pattern to make masks. Will you accept them?

Yes. Please use tightly woven cotton fabric or quilting cotton, enough material to cover the nose and mouth and either bias tape, elastic or cotton ties to secure. The ties and/or elastic should be permanently affixed to the mask. No loose hair ties, please.

Do I need to wash the face masks before shipping?

Please use new or clean material when making face masks. You may wash your tightly woven cotton material prior to assembly.

How do I get my masks to Lutheran World Relief?

Please bundle your masks in groups of 25, put your bundles in a box and write “MASKS” on the package. Then ship directly to one of our warehouses:

Lutheran World Relief
601 Main Street
PO Box 188
New Windsor, MD 21776

Lutheran World Relief
398 East Richmond Street
South St. Paul, MN 55075

Will I be able to track where my homemade face masks traveled?

Unfortunately, the tracking system will not be available for homemade face masks.

I am concerned about going to the post office. What should I do?

We are closely following guidelines from the CDC, the World Health Organization and other local and national health organizations, and we ask that you please follow your state and local guidelines for social distancing. We do recommend that everyone take precautionary health measures, including minimizing trips, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, staying home when sick and wearing a mask in public. If you feel vulnerable, consider scheduling a package pickup from your preferred carrier or having a friend mail your masks for you.

How is LWR responding to coronavirus around the world?

We’re working with our local partners and networks of faith-based health centers in over 30 African countries to rush equipment and supplies to health workers on the front lines, equip community and faith leaders to educate families about COVID-19 and more. Learn more here.

Download the PDF Guide

Click here to download the How to Make a Mask Guide.


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