• LWR Quilts and Kits: Important Coronavirus updates

Today and every day, Lutheran World Relief Quilts and Kits of Care are a reminder to families that even in the midst of crisis, they are not alone.

Though the coronavirus outbreak is forcing all of us to adapt and change our routines for a time, the mission of the LWR Quilt and Kit Ministry remains as strong as ever.   

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, and we’ll keep this page updated to reflect any changes to the Quilt and Kit Ministry as they develop. As always, please contact Janel Johnson-Momanyi, our Quilt and Kit Ministry Manager, @email or (410) 230-6701 with any questions or concerns.  

We are in this together, and we are praying for your health, your provision and your peace. Thank you for being the kind of community that reminds one another that, much like the people we serve, we are not alone.

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Spring 2020 Ingathering update

At this time, Spring 2020 Ingatherings for April and May are POSTPONED. Please contact your Key Leader or Site Coordinator for updates or visit the “Find an Ingathering” section of the LWR website for additional information. We encourage all community members to follow the recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to maintain social distancing and frequent handwashing, and we have also provided additional guidance to help them make informed decisions.  

When Ingatherings resume, we do ask that those in higher risk groups take all necessary precautions to limit social contact, and of course those who have any symptoms of illness should stay home.

Ingathering FAQs 
  1. How do I schedule or find out the new date of my Ingathering? (Click here, or call or email Janel.) 
  2. Can I drop off items at the LWR warehouse? (Yes, but please call ahead first.) 
  3. Can I ship my boxed items to the LWR warehouse? (Yes, but please call and let them know it’s on the way.) 
  4. I want to get this stuff out of my house NOW! What do I do? (Call or email Janel.) 
  5. Should I give my items to another organization since LWR isn’t collecting until summer? (No! LWR really needs your items.) 
  6. We work with other churches to coordinate one big Ingathering and we can’t agree upon a new date. What should we do? (Call Janel!) 
  7. Will the trucking company charge a fee if I postpone my ingathering? (Please call or email Janel.) 
  8. I still want to have my Ingathering and collect items, but we will be very careful. Is that okay? (PLEASE call or email Janel!) 
  9. Will LWR also spread the word about the postponed Ingatherings for April & May? (Yes. Please watch for upcoming communications.) 

Click here to see the status of your local Spring 2020 Ingathering.  

We’ll need quilts more than ever  

Though we ask that quilting groups stop meeting for a few months, that doesn’t mean quilting should stop too. Not at all! We’re thrilled to see that many of you are continuing the work at home. Please keep it up! Not only is making a quilt a beautiful way to love a neighbor when you can’t leave the house, but quilting can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to spend your time during social distancing.

Stay connected!  

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Lutheran World Relief, so let’s keep building ours. Some ideas:  

  • Check in with friends. Pick up the phone and call or FaceTime your quilting group friends or fellow kit makers. Though you can’t be together face-to-face, everyone needs connection and support during this time.  

  • Share your quilt projects. We want to see your beautiful handiwork! Encourage and inspire the quilters in our community by taking a photo or video of yourself making a quilt and tagging @luthworldrelief on Facebook. You can also email it to Janel at @email and we’ll share on your behalf. 

Shipping and warehouse operations  

Though we have not suspended shipping, we are seeing delays as port closures, curfews and social distancing all affect the movement of material goods. Our warehouses continue to reassess their operations as new developments arise. Their current operations are as follows:  

  • Maryland: We are still open and accepting donations, but please call ahead to confirm. All external doors are locked and we are asking donors to leave their donations with donor information -- outside the door or in our White Box Truck.  

  • Minnesota: We are still open and accepting donations, but please call ahead to confirm. Donors are asked to unload their donations and leave them just inside the delivery door. No assistance with unloading is available. 

Your love is reaching neighbors in need 

Instead of reading another news article about coronavirus, please watch this video and know that EVERY quilt you make or kit you assemble reaches a family in their time of need. In this case, it was Esther Anthony and her son Asaya Erasto Liguda, who are living at Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania while Asaya completes treatment for leukemia.