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Accountability to Affected Populations

Download LWR & Accountability to Affected Populations

Our Framework for Accountability to Affected Populations outlines LWR’s accountability practices and core principles in working with the people and families around the world, who are directly and indirectly affected by LWR interventions.

Populations served by a development project are considered key stakeholders and must be consulted during project design, implementation, conclusion, and evaluation to ensure their ownership and increase the likelihood of the long term sustainability of project activities and outcomes. LWR employs a variety of methods to share information about project related meetings, events, progress, and outcomes: word-of-mouth, public signage, radio broadcasts, social media, and public project kick-off meetings.

LWR has zero tolerance for any form of abuse of power, sexual exploitation, fraud and corruption, physical or psychological abuse, or criminal offences and will quickly and fully respond to any such reports. LWR strives to respond to all questions and concerns related to the project and project staff raised by community members and other stakeholders in a timely, appropriate, inclusive, and transparent manner and employs the following complaint response mechanisms (CRMs) in this endeavor: face-to-face meetings, suggestion boxes, live radio broadcasts, and various social media tools.

To read more, download LWR & Accountability to Affected Populations.

LWR’s full Accountability to Affected Populations Framework may be downloaded in English, French, and Spanish.