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LWR Gifts Drive


MAKE LWR GIFTS A PART OF YOUR CONGREGATION’S YEAR-ROUND GIVING TRADITIONS — and make a real impact on the lives of people in need around the world — by hosting an LWR Gifts Drive. It’s easy!



Determine what time(s) of year you’ll hold LWR Gifts Drives, and set start and end dates. For example, you may decide to include an LWR Gifts Drive as part of an annual alternative giving fair, to celebrate Christ as the light of the world during Epiphany, as part of the Sunday school year kick-off, to proclaim the joy of the resurrection at Easter, or to celebrate your confirmands. An LWR Gifts Drive can happen as many times as you like, at any time of year!


Decide how you’ll invite members to participate in the LWR Gifts Drive, and how and where you’ll hold the Drive. Determine how you will collect donations and if you will submit individual checks or one check for the entire congregation’s giving.


Launch your LWR Gifts Drive and start giving! Download the LWR Gifts Drive giving form below to record your congregation’s generosity. Make as many copies as you need. Families and individuals will complete the giving form, making sure to indicate how many of each Gift they would like to give. Make copies of the enclosed LWR Gifts Drive greeting cards. For each LWR Gift given, provide an LWR Gifts greeting card so that members can honor their friends, family — and even pastors! Encourage members to personalize the card and add messages to share why they feel called to give. Download the greeting cards below, and make as many copies as you need.


Let your congregation know how much they gave through this inspired period of giving. Use the opportunity to be creative. For example, you could ask the youth in your congregation to draw a picture of the community of Gifts that your congregation has created.


Send your congregation’s LWR Gifts Drive giving form and donation to Lutheran World Relief at P.O. Box 17061, Baltimore, MD 21297-1061. All checks should be made payable to Lutheran World Relief. If you are sending one check for the entire congregation’s giving, note “LWR Gift Drive” on the check. If you are sending individual checks, please make sure that the checks correspond to your giving form.

LWR Gifts Drive for Advent

If your congregation would like to do an LWR Gifts Drive during Advent, download the special LWR Gifts Ornaments below for your congregation’s Christmas tree. In addition to providing LWR Gifts greeting cards so that members can honor their friends and loved ones, hang one ornament on your tree for each Gift purchased. The ornaments are also fun coloring projects for the youth in your congregation! Easy assembly instructions are included on each ornament.

LWR Gifts Drive Greeting Cards
thumbnail of LWR_Gifts_Drive_Order_Form

LWR Gifts Drive Order Form
thumbnail of lwrgifts-SmokelessCookStove-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Smokeless Cook Stove
thumbnail of lwrgifts-sheep-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Sheep
thumbnail of lwrgifts-SendQuilts-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Send Quilts
thumbnail of lwrgifts-SchoolSupplies-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – School Supplies
thumbnail of lwrgifts-pig-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Pig
thumbnail of lwrgifts-hen-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Hen
thumbnail of lwrgifts-goat-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Goat
thumbnail of lwrgifts-FundFarmingCommunity-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Fund a Community
thumbnail of lwrgifts-donkey-cutout

LWR Gifts Drive Ornament – Donkey


LWR Gifts Children’s Sermons & Bulletin Inserts:

Each of the four children’s sermons — one for each week of Advent — describes a gift given to us by God, and an LWR Gift with the story of a real person helped by that Gift. Each bulletin insert is designed to encourage families to talk about how their gifts impact the world and how they put their faith in action.

thumbnail of LWRGifts_BI_pigs
God Gives Peace – Bulletin Insert
thumbnail of LWRGifts_BI_hens-chicks
God Gives Love – Bulletin Insert
thumbnail of LWRGifts_BI_goats
God Gives Generosity – Bulletin Insert
thumbnail of LWRGifts_BI_cows
God Gives Joy – Bulletin Insert