Fair Trade in Your Congregation

Fair Trade in Your Congregation

Sell Coffee & Chocolate

Give your congregation an opportunity to put their consumer dollars to work for small-scale farmers around the world!

A few questions to ask as you prepare:

  • What’s the current level of interest for Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate at your congregation? Start with a small order to test the waters, build up interest through exposure and education and in no time your congregation will be Fair Trade connoisseurs!
  • How often will you sell LWR Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate at your congregation? Some congregations offer Fair Trade products every Sunday, some once a month and some have a sales cabinet available all the time that works on the honor system. Find the right schedule for your congregational life.
  • How much will your Fair Trade coffee, tea, or chocolate cost? Sell it at cost, round to the nearest quarter or dollar, or include a markup as a way to fundraise? The price is up to you. Many congregations mark their coffee up to retail prices and put the profits toward other ministries or the LWR Small Farmer Fund.

Need more tips on getting your Fair Trade sales going at your congregation? Check out the resources available for order online and call Equal Exchange’s community help hotline at 508.427.5214.

Serve Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate

Fellowship around a good pot of coffee is very Lutheran. With Fair Trade coffee from the LWR Coffee Project it can be coffee that joins your congregation in doing justice and loving kindness with small farmers around the world. With Fair Trade chocolate you can sweeten those moments your congregation spends together.

A few questions to help you get started:

  • What kind of coffee brewer does your congregation use? Do you need coffee ground specifically for percolators and commercial brewers? Does your congregation use standard drip brewers? The LWR Coffee Project has got you covered either way!
  • What flavors would your congregation like? Introduce Fair Trade coffee to your congregation with a tasting party. Brew a little of each of the LWR line of coffees and let your congregation decide. Don’t forget decaf for those late night committee meetings!
  • Could your congregation’s coffee equipment use an upgrade? Equal Exchange offers plenty of serving supplies to make for a more enjoyable coffee hour. Help facilitate your congregation’s enjoyment of high quality coffee while they support small farmers around the world. Visit lwrcoffee.com or call 774-776-7366 to find out more.

Fair Trade Hospitality

Welcome new members and visitors to your congregation with a gift of Fair Trade coffee and chocolate from LWR. Whether they are looking for a new community to be a part of or just stopping by for a visit, gifts of Fair Trade coffee and chocolate will communicate to guests that your congregation is connected with the needs of brothers and sisters all around the world.