Project Promise: Build Kits of Care

Students at ELIMAA School enjoy their new LWR Personal Care Kits. Their teacher is using the items in the kits to teach hygiene lessons, including proper hand washing. Photo by Brenda Kimaro, for LWR

A meaningful way to make a difference

Introducing Project Promise: Build Kits of Care – a perfect way for you to gather a group of people you know and turn ordinary items into extraordinary gifts. You can help people dealing with some of life’s most difficult situations –the aftermath of earthquakes and floods, fleeing home to escape violence and living in extreme poverty. Partner with us and energize your congregation for global good.

It’s Easy To Do!

  1. Choose – a type of kit
  2. Collect – items for the kits and money to help ship kits overseas
  3. Pack – the items and send to the warehouse; or find a local collection site
  4. Track – your kits as they travel the world to people in need
  5. Share – photos and videos of your work on your social pages with#ProjectPromise. Your posts can encourage others to get involved, too!

What You Can Do

We can’t control when disasters strike and we can’t end poverty overnight. But there are things we can do now to help people around the world reach their full potential. Learn how simple items can transform lives and how you can too.


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