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Buying Kit Supplies in Bulk

Bulk Purchasing Resources

More and more, congregations and groups are setting their sites on larger assemblies of blankets and kits. In these cases, it’s simply good stewardship to buy supplies in bulk and help stretch donated or budgeted dollars further. Over the years, we’ve started to learn through trial and error what good sources are for many of the supplies included in Mission Quilts, Fleece Tied Blankets and LWR Kits of Care. Below are a handful of companies where we’ve found good prices and reliable products.* Let us know if you’ve found other sources for these or any other supplies for LWR quilts, blankets, and kits!

Here are a few suggested bulk purchasing resources that will help in allocating suppliers for your Congregations and Groups:

School Kits

Dollar Days: Pencils; pens and crayons; pencil sharpeners, erasers, notebooks, scissors, rulers

LWR School Bag sources: Imprint, oriental trading, quality logo products

Personal Care Kits

The Charity Source: Toothbrushes &toothpaste, nail clippers, hair combs Hair combs

Amazon Bath Soap: Soap (ivory original 16 count- 4oz)

Towel Supercenter : Towels for PCK – black bath

Bath Linens(Less/Imperial Textile): Towels for PCK (20” x 40” Prism Bath Towels) & Hand towels for BCK (16” x 20” Prism Hand Towels)

Bath Linens for Less Economy Towel collection: Towels for PCK (20” x 40” Bath Towel in dark brown)

Baby Care Kits


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More ideas and resources are always welcome!

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